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North East Chandlery is a crucial part of my career “origin story”. Before going freelance in 2017, and taking the leap from an administrative job to pursue design, I was in need of my first client. I wanted a project to get my teeth into, that would allow me to learn and show off my abilities with all aspects of design, from branding, to web design, to packaging design and marketing materials. I also wanted a project that would align with my core values and aesthetic style, so that I would have an example of exactly the kind of projects I wanted to work on. I decided to become my own client, and created a real business that went on to have its own success, being stocked locally and via an online ethical department store. I’ve since wound down the business, but I credit it for its invaluable insight when working with small businesses, as well as being a wonderful networking opportunity, which introduced me to some people who I still work with today, and consider friends.

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branding | Copywriting | Product Development | Web Design | Packaging | Photography


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